How to Style Your Hair With Hair Clay for Men

 Hair clays are a relatively new type of product and can be a fantastic tool to achieve those textured matte finish looks that you can’t get with a wax or pomade. They are best for everyday looks, and they tend to have either kaolin or bentonite -or both- in the ingredients, but the point is learning how to style your hair with hair clay, and we’ll explain it step by step. Choose a Proper Hair Clay Hair clays often have a matte finish and are medium-hold. The most commonly known hair clay type is bentonite. Bentonite is natural clay, and it can repair the scalp, and hair follicles, thanks to its healing effect. It can also make the hair look fuller and plumper by giving volume.  Lots of hair clay products have been released in a few years, and when you want to buy yourself hair clay, it can be hard to choose from loads of options. The first thing to keep in mind is you should choose something solid on stage, so it shouldn’t be creamy or putty, and you also get something with a matte fi

Weekly Workout Plan

For many people, “workout” means going to the gym, lifting weights, cardio or running. And, inadvertently, this ends up being a barrier to exercise if we don’t like to go to the gym, lift weights or run. Getting in a meaningful and beneficial training is much simpler than many people may think. There are a wide range of exercises that help to strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular health—and, thus, overall health! Click here to create a free workout with the workout planner How to create a workout plan Creating a workout plan you actually enjoy and will stick to is a little bit more involved than simply finding a recommended workout online or a workout video series you enjoy. There are a few additional steps to developing a plan that works well for you and will set you up for continued success. Here are four simple steps to crafting your own workout plan, based around activities you actually enjoy, and a schedule that actually works for your lifestyle: 1. what are your fitness